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S2E10 – To the Moon and Planets Beyond

Jennifer Trosper discusses her career path, the trials she’s faced on the way, and how she became the JPL Mission Manager for the Mars 2020 Rover. Her story gives young women a path to make their mark in the world of science and engineering.

S2E5 – Two Worlds on Her Shoulders

Rocky Turner, a local mother, takes a chance and gives a voice to orphan girls in Kenya.

S2E11 – At the Heart of Loss

Jeff Zhorne, a certified grief counselor, discusses his grief and the overwhelming pain of losing his two children in a fatal car accident. He offers advice in learning to let go and remembering the past.

S2E6 – How to Save a Life

What does a News Photographer, Female Engineer, Information Technologist, and Businessman all have in common? These four individuals are all Sheriff’s deputies with a focus in search and rescue as well as EMT work in the Santa Clarita Valley.

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