In The Warehouse

S2E5 – Two Worlds on Her Shoulders

Rocky Turner, a local mother, takes a chance and gives a voice to orphan girls in Kenya.

S2E4 – Teaching Hart

Students at Hart High School inspire one another to make a difference in the world with their cancer projects, lead by Paula Bae. Paula’s actions helped students create ways to help cancer victims.

S2E3 – The Surprise Adoption

Discover the decade long journey Dale Sargent faced to find his biological family and how reuniting with them changed his perspective on family.

S2E2 – The Fight of His Life

A young boy develops a brain tumor and his family unites to help him in every way they can.

S2E1 – The Ultimate Gift

Rob and Faye Kayne discuss the gift of raising a 12-year old with Autism and Apraxia and what their son has taught them about life.

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