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Home to gripping crime dramas, high-speed conversations, local profiles, and much more, The Vault entertains and educates through original series, micro-documentaries, and video news to show how the Santa Clarita Valley works to overcome obstacles and combat challenges, sharing untold stories once hidden in The Vault. 

Meet the Team

Austin Dave
Taylor Villanueva
Host of TwentySomethings
male final
Cary Quashen
Host of War on Addiction
Danny Diaz
Web Designer
Cory Rubin
Associate Producer
Brooke Shanny
Host of TwentySomethings
Crystal Duan
Host of First Bite
male final
Hayden Trowbridge
Host of Teen Talk
Eddy Martinez
Content Creator
Miranda Gerda
Host of TwentySomethings
Haley Sawyer
Host, Fast Talk with Haley Sawyer
female final
Michele Lutes
Content Creator
Perry Smith
Host of All The News Not Fit For Print
James Arthur Holt
Host of Murders He Wrote (About)
male final
Brett Haddock
Host of Nerdsplaining
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